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Reusing old stuff is an age-old practice in countries like India and China. Nowadays, it is fast catching up in the U.S, thanks to our collective effort to ‘go green’ and avoid unnecessary wastage. Learning to reuse and recycle stuffs around our house is actually a very smart, yet simple way of living. And it really doesn’t make sense in throwing things away if we can still use them. It saves us big bucks, besides saving energy and fuel. You have to begin with some serious sorting out. This includes keeping old things which we can reuse and discarding others in a sustainable way.

Let’s check out some of the common reusable household items.

  • If you wear quality and long-lasting socks like Bridgedale socks, you are already saving money and resources. But when your Bridgedale socks get too worn out to wear, consider reusing such tough socks for protecting and storing your favorite fragile crystal or glass items. This practice is very practical if you are considering moving out. Not only this, socks can also be reused as cleaning rags to dry off your counters or wipe up spills.
  • If your Egyptian towel has developed holes in it, instead of throwing it out, cut it and reuse a few of the pieces as Egyptian wash cloth. A quality wash cloth such as an Egyptian wash cloth is ideal for gently removing the dead skin cells away. The rest of the pieces you can use separately as dish rags, car washing rags or for such other things. Old towels can also be useful as baby bibs while traveling.
  • One of the most popular and versatile kitchen items is glass jar. Apart from its most common use of storing food items, I reuse old glass jars (Mason jars) as candle holders by giving them a stained glass look. Besides enhancing our living room and bed rooms, they add to the special evenings I spend with my hubby. Depending on their sizes, empty glass jars are also excellent for storing utility items like buttons or ribbon or hardware pieces like nails or screws.
  • If you have old and worn-out carpets, instead of throwing them away, cut them and use the pieces as makeshift doormats in your laundry room or porch. You can also use them to kill weeds; just put it down in the affected area of your garden for some days. You won’t need any chemical herbicides.

Like any other habit, reusing old stuffs in a creative way takes a little getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes a part of your life. Give yourself a chance and life will teach you the rest.

But can you reuse old dog bags

Have you heard of biodegradable dog bags? Also known as the dog poop bags, these are the current choice of responsible and eco-conscious pet owners. This type of dog bags gives a greener, cleaner and healthier alternative than the old shovel and scoop method that many of us still use. Some people also find plastic bags very handy for disposing of dog wastes. But plastic bags aren’t an earth-friendly choice as they take years to decompose. In both the cases, the solution lies in using dog bags made of sustainable materials.

It is suggested that on an average, a dog produces 274 pounds of waste annually. Until recently, this held little significance. But with the discovery of high level of water pollution linked with dog poop, scientists are looking for quick and safe way to decompose dog wastes naturally. If not properly disposed, wastes like dog poop can mix with rain water and sip into storm sewers and eventually make its way into our waterways. Besides polluting our water, this can lead to many water-borne diseases.

Nowadays, many companies such as bio bags produce dog poop bags made of earth-friendly corn-based materials (cornstarch) or renewable plastics. They take very less time to decompose and return to the soil without causing much harm. Opting for dark colored dog poop bags such as black, red or purple could be just right if you don’t want to see the contents inside!

Next time your little puppy gives you hard time, remember to use biodegradable dog bags for a safer and cleaner environment. Looking for thoughtful gifts for eco-savvy dog owners? Consider giving useful doggy gifts such as dog toys, treats or grooming items in wonderful, biodegradable dog poop bags. Both the owner and pet would remember you for a long time.

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