Stop cold calling and start selling

Are you nervous, worried, suffer from fear of rejection and even feel physically sick every time you reach for the phone? Then you must be a network marketer. How do i know this? Because I have been there and it sucks.

Okay, first lets define who i am talking to specifically in this post. I’m talking to all the people who have joined a network marketing opportunity and have been told by their sponsor to make a list of all the people they know and call them up. Now most people when told to do this don’t do it and for good reason, cold calling sucks.

Have I got your attention now? Good because I’m just getting started

The following post has a certified rant warning, you have been warned

No one joined an opportunity to sign up their grandma (I don’t know your grandma, maybe she is a natural born leader who will take your business to the next level  and you will become a millionaire almost over night, however for the most cases she is probably a nice old lady who gives you candy when you call round to visit). The same thing goes for you friends too. Just because you bought into something does not mean it is right for everyone else.

We all have different beliefs created by the different experiences we have in our lives and the sooner you realize this the sooner all I am about to say will make sense.
You see the traditional network marketing company will tell you to make a list of everyone you know and call them up. They tell you its a numbers game, some will some wont but you have to ask everyone. As i said before most people will not want to do this. In fact the statistics are that 97% of all new starters in a network marketing business give up in their first month because they are not willing to cold call their friends and family. But there is 3% that will. So the traditional network marketing model is built around a 3% hit rate. Ill come back to this in a moment but first lets look what happens to the ones who do make the list and call everyone.

So you are super motivated, you kinda know the statistics in the back of your mind but you push them out and drive on forwards with the encouragement of your sponsor and lets say you manage to write down a list of say 200 people. If you are a great communicator and have learnt your script word for word so that it sounds natural, if you are the best you can be at talking to people about you business then the best results you can expect is 3 people in every 100 you call saying yes to your opportunity. Not great right? But here’s the real rub, when you have called everyone you know what do you do next?

You will probably do what most people will do and ask you sponsor that question and the reply is Go and make new friends. Pretty soon you will be wandering around the supermarkets talking to complete strangers and looking kinda strange and creepy. By this point your friends and family will be avoiding you and from the crazed look in your eye so will most people you meet in the street. You probably even have an upside down badge on your lapel that says Ask me what i do.

These antiquated methods are just dumb, stupid and just don’t work, well very inefficiently to say the least. So lets go back to the 3% that it did work on (I did say i would get back to this). You will then find that 97% of those people will also quit in their first month because they are not willing to do what you did to find them, they don’t want to cold call because no one does.
I’m not making this up, these are just the statistics of cold market prospecting.

Lets just go back to the phrase cold calling for a second here. The reason it is called cold calling is because the market you are targeting is a cold market, meaning they have not shown any interest into buying what you are selling. An example of this would be a guy walks into a department store and is looking in the tools section. The sales assistant walks up with a pair of shoes and begins to try and sell him a pair of shoes. How do you think that sale is going to go? That’s stupid I hear you say, the guy wants to by tools not shoes, and you are right. The sales assistant is selling to a cold prospect, trying to sell something that the customer has not shown any interest in buying. That is exactly the same a calling up everyone you know kinda dumb way to run a business. So lets say the sales assistant walks up to the guy and begins to sell him the very tool that the guy is looking at. You can probably see that this sale is going to go a lot better for the sales assistant and the guy is not going to feel uncomfortable, in fact he is most likely going to buy. This is the difference in selling to a warm market instead of a cold market. Am I making sense? I mean this is a pretty simple concept to grasp right?

Let me tell you a story; back when I was doing network marketing in one of those traditional company’s, I knew exactly what i was doing and I knew that it wasn’t working. I began to look for ways to target a warm market. I wanted to find the people who were standing in a line cash in hand, wanting to buy what i was selling. I knew that this would not be possible to achieve out there in the world without promoting an event and getting people who showed an interest in the event to show up, so that’s exactly what I did and as you can imagine my success way way better than 97% in fact I got to a stage where it was a bad event if I didn’t close at least half the people that showed up. The down side to this is the promoting of events was time consuming and they were also reasonably costly to host.

I found it was much better to promote my events online to reach a bigger audience and drive them to a website that I had created to showcase the products where those that wanted to buy would and I made my sales. However in more recent times, as the online world is a very dynamic and fast paced environment, website popularity have declined dramatically. You see by itself, a website is a cold environment. There is no connection between the seller and the buyer. To sell now you need to build a rapport with your customer. Relationships build the trust to enable the sale to go ahead. The best way to do this is to have a constant regular contact with your customer and this can all be achieve by blogging and incorporating automated systems to build on that relationship.

You see if you have a blog about what it is you are passionate about, the people who show up have searched on the web to read what you have written, you can pretty much take for granted that they have an interest in what you do. They are your warm market. Isn’t it a better way to have your customers come to you rather than to try and persuade people who don’t want what you are selling to buy? Of course it is. Much better than the telemarketer who we have all begun to hate with a passion, cold calling everyone. It is a dying system and the sooner it dies completely the better for all of us. So once again I will say it STOP COLD CALLING.

Do things right

There are much better ways to do things and when you learn how to do it right you can even automate the whole process so that you can sell, sponsor and build your teams on autopilot while you sleep or are out living your life and enjoy the time freedom and cash these systems will enable you to enjoy.

I hope this little rant of mine made sense and has also opened your eyes to a better way of promoting. It took me a long time to figure out what I should be doing and I hope by sharing this with you you will not have to go through the struggles and disappointment I went through before falling upon this much better solution. Whatever business you are in, you can apply this tactic to boost your sales and team building dramatically and I for one really hope you do.
As always I am very keen to read your comments so please do leave them in the comment box below this post. No doubt this will be start a lively debate that I look forward to. Also please feel free to share this post with others you think will benefit from my thoughts.

To your success, kind regards Rick

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