My favourite cookware

Out of the 4 different cookware materials, my personal favorite is the cast iron cookware. Besides being durable and economical, cast iron cookware are  safe for my family and for the environment. And that’s the most important deciding factor for me.

We know that regular healthy diet is essential for a fit and healthy lifestyle. We usually take care of that by having nutrient-rich food. But do we show the same care while buying cookware? Our intention to buy cookware is often guided by our desire to create a sleek kitchen interior or its price factor. While both are important, but doing so we often overlook the most important matter – “How safe is our cookware to cook and store our food?” While there are a plenty of options available, opting for non-toxic and safe cookware gives us the best chance to stay healthy and safe.

To stay healthy, our buying decision has to be based on informed selection rather than on the spur-of-the-moment thoughts. Consideration has to be given to the materials the cookware is constructed from and matching it with our particular cooking need.

Cast iron cookware: For those who are looking for healthy, sturdy and long-lasting cookware, cast iron cookware items make wonderful choice. Being an excellent conductor of heat, cooking on a cast iron grill pan is a cinch. As the heat is evenly and consistently spread, you can enjoy tender and juicy grilled chicken or a succulent tuna steak. But try to avoid cooking acidic food, such as tomatoes, on your cast iron grill pan as this could alter the taste of your food after reaction with tomatoes. Enamel-coated cast iron pan could be a better choice.
Glass cookware: Being made of inert material, glass cookware is considered as the safest and healthiest option. However, since glass is easily breakable and needs careful handling, as a cookware it is not a popular choice. But if you prefer glass cookware, a more durable and dependable cooking aid could be pyrex cookware. As it comes with unique heat-resistant glass, the versatile pyrex cookware can be safely used for baking and organized storing of food.
Stainless steel cookware:  Provided that the cooking surfaces remain intact, your stainless steel pots and pans can give you many years of service. While selecting stainless steel pots, consider opting for those which come with an inner core of copper or aluminum. Being efficient conductors of heat, such cookware with copper or aluminum layer sandwiched between steel layers can promote uniform spreading of heat. This can also ensure mouth-watering taste of your food. However, to prevent the inner copper or aluminum core to come in direct contact with your food, avoid scrubbing the surface too hard.
Non-stick cookware: Though come with sleek and contemporary design and easy to maintain facility, non-stick cookware is not considered safe for our health. Once reaching high cooking temperature, the Teflon content in non-stick cookware starts releasing toxic gases which are suggested to be carcinogenic and deadly to humans (in small amounts), besides being global pollutants.

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