Me and the garden is my dream

A green and vibrant yard is a relief to a tired soul. It’s a great stress-buster; whether you are working in there or simply looking at the evergreens or the blooming flowers from your window. Watching a vacant yard transform into a beautiful garden is also a matter of great pride for a gardener. Speaking from my experience, my husband is an avid gardener and no other gift could make his eyes lit up with interest as gardening gifts.

The specialty about gardening gifts is that they are ideal for every occasion – birthday, anniversary and holidays. Moreover, finding interesting garden gifts is quite easier as there is always a new gardening tool set or a gadget that a gardener would like to try. Let’s check out some ideas.

Green gift ideas for gardeners

For serious gardeners, selecting a better gardening tool set than a basic one would ensure a wonderful gardening experience. Apart from the usual tools, such tool set should contain a trowel (weeding and digging of dirt for planting plants), a garden fork (for loosening up soil and mixing compost), a garden cultivator (for cutting down weeds and aerating soil) and a weed cutter. However, while buying gardening tool set, check for aluminum or stainless steel body for long lasting, rust-free use. I prefer buying individual tool pieces and, then to bring in a personal touch,  present them in a beautiful home-made gardening tote. Of course, you can also buy gardening tote from local markets.

I have recently bought a hybrid composter and rain barrel for my husband, who loves gardening. Besides saving our garden space, the innovative dual-purpose hybrid composter and rain barrel is giving a whole new meaning to rain collection and composting. The clever idea working behind it is, once the compost is ready, the mineral-rich liquid from the composter flows into the rain barrel (placed directly beneath the composter). We are getting ready-to-use, nutrient-rich water for watering our garden!

Gardening is a healthy activity for young children. Instead of giving your child toys or other usual gifts, consider gifting him some interesting gardening magazines. Such gardening magazines should have colorful pictures and interesting articles to help him develop interest. As he starts showing interest, encourage him to take active participation in weeding or such simple tasks with easy-to-use, lightweight garden tools.

Gardening is a year-round hobby for everyone and almost every age. Perhaps, there is no other hobby that can change our world as beautifully as gardening can. In this respect, gardening is more than just a visual treat.

Recycling old bags

When it comes to picking your shopping bags, we usually make our choice between paper or plastic.  But how many of us know that by doing so we are contributing to already existing massive pollution level? Manufacturing of paper bags cause close to 75% more pollution than the manufacturing of plastic bags.  On top it, we end up losing millions of trees in the process. On the other hand, plastics bags are not a safe bet either. Recycling these bags causes minute particles and heavy metals to be released in the air which create a lot of health hazards. We needed a better option, and with the eco friendly totes, we have found that!

These Green shopping bags are made from various materials and can be plain or fancy, as you like it. The best part is that these eco friendly bags cause negligible impact on the environment. More commonly known as the reusable shopping totes, these bags are washable. Simply throw them in any load of cold water wash and they come out brand new!

The reusable shopping bags are trendier, better made and in vogue. Because they are handmade, they tend to be a little more expensive, but to make a fashion statement a few pennies here and there won’t really make a huge difference. These grocery bags look cool due to beautiful fabrics, prints, styles or the customization that you can add to them. I simply adore these eco friendly bags and love to flaunt them at various occasions. Here is how you can use these bags for different purposes and grab all the attention.

  1. The basic use of these bags is to get all your groceries. Due to the size and durability, they can stock up on a lot of stuff making it convenient and easy for you carry your grocery. As they can be washed, they will be clean from all the stains and be ready for your next departmental store visit.
  2. Reusable shopping bags made from reclaimed automobile seat belts look very chic and sexy. Each year millions of yards of seat belt webbing is discarded and the bags made from dyed pieces of these belts are very durable. They come in funky colors and are super strong. Carry them to the beach and you would love to see all the heads turn.
  3. Many of these bags come in beautiful colors with fabulous patterns on them. They look extremely casual and chic for an evening out with friends. I had purchased a set of five shopping totes for $ 40. These bags have geometrical patterns and they look extremely good with my casual dresses.
  4. These bags come in pouch styles too to hold your keys and coins and other such smaller stuff. Put these small pouches right inside your bigger bag and you will have all the little treasures in place.
  5. A good reusable tote makes up for a great picnic bag. With its huge size and durable material, you can stock just anything into it and carry it along for your short adventurous trip.

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