Les Mills Pump

So I haven’t really weighed in on my experience and review of Les Mills PUMP in a while and thought it was about time. I am still workout to a different Les Mills PUMP workout every morning. This past Monday I began week six of the program which started the second phase of the program. The second phase named, Panoni, is the change. This phase of the program really focuses on changing your shape by building and sculpting the muscles for the long lean look. But we will get more to that later.

Sunday marked the end of phase one which is named Te Wero, which is the challenge. This phase is designed to challenge your body to shed some serious pounds. These challenging workouts aim boost your metabolism and stimulate weight loss. During this phase there were a lot of workouts that you completed several times per week, I felt that this repetition was a good way to get your body use to the new moves and to really focus on perfecting form. Personally, not having much experience with barbell training I loved that I was able to get to really know the routines so I was less worried about what they were doing on the TV and more focused on my form.

Throughout this first phase of Les Mills PUMP one of my favorite workouts was Pump Burn, in this thirty minute workout you are working several muscle groups at the same time to really increase your heart rate, burn calories, and kick start your weight loss. During week five of the workout you add the workout Pump Shred to your regime. This has become another one of my favorite workouts, this is a forty five minute workout that focus not only on the calorie burn and fat burn but also building your endurance. You really get to experience the rep effect in this workout.

The rep effect is a major building block for Les Mills PUMP. Traditional weight lifting tells us that in order to build muscle you need to lift heavy weights at a low repetition count. The rep effect tells us the exact opposite. Here the muscles are fatigued by using light to moderate weights at a higher repetition count. During some of the routines you will be completing 800 repetitions. Using this thinking, the rep effect of Les Mills PUMP will allow you to fatigue your muscle, lose fat, and build strength without becoming bulky. That means that by the time you complete this program you will have a sexier, sleeker, stronger, and toned physique than you have ever imagined possible.

In terms of weight loss during the first phase of the Les Mills PUMP program; I have shed five pounds and two inches from my body. I am seeing a lot more definition in my arms, back, and chest. Overall, I must say that I am extremely happy with my results thus far and cannot wait to see what the next phase has to offer!

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