It’s true I want to save the planet

I read somewhere that leading a zero-waste lifestyle is not about buying recyclable products, but it is about minimizing waste. This got me into thinking and taking a closer look at my own life. I found many wasteful habits which, unknown to me, were hurting our planet. And this is what I did. I started with assessing my possessions, kept items essential to me and parted with the rest in a sustainable way. Since many of these wasteful habits are common, let’s take a look around to see where we are going wrong…

Top 5 wasteful habits

  • While we love our burgers, French fries and tacos, our habit of throwing fast-food paper bags, containers or super-sized hamburger wrappers without much regard are costing our planet dearly. Together, these are creating millions of pounds of solid wastes annually. Over-packaging of fast-food is also destroying our forests and endangering our natural bio-diversities. As consumers, we can bring down the huge waste by bringing our own eco-friendly reusable plastic containers such as pyrex containers for a take-home meal.
  • You can see cheap, easy-to-carry plastic grocery bags almost everywhere. They carry lunch boxes to our schools, clothes to our gyms, books to the libraries and even bring fruits and vegetables to our kitchens. They also clog our drains, create huge landfills and when they break down, they release toxic bits into our soils, rivers, lakes and oceans. Using eco friendly totes is undoubtedly a better way to handle the situation.
  • Do you know that dumping foods can also have a huge impact on our planet? After ending up in landfills, as food wastes rot, they release toxic methane gas into the atmosphere. The gas most often contributes to the green-house effect, unless we use it to power our homes and cities.
  • Water conservation is highly neglected at home. Fixing or replacing old leaky pipes with new ones within and outside our house or reducing shower time are just few of the measures we can take.
  • Also, keeping the refrigerator door open longer than it is necessary or using old household electrical appliances, such as air conditioning unit, not just increase our energy bill but also increase carbon footprint. To keep check on energy consumption, consider using energy efficient appliances.

Now that we know some of the measures we can take, are we up for it? The thing is, we are fast running out of time. If we wait further, I am afraid, very soon we will be left with no more option.

Green products

I have been looking for eco-friendly activities to keep my kids healthy and entertained during their summer vacation. Luckily for me, I chanced upon a great idea just a few days ago while browsing the net. And this is, planning an ‘eco’ road trip for my family. Since summer in the U.S. is usually sunny and pleasant, it is the perfect time to encourage our kids to bond with the nature while staying fit and healthy.

Summer is  the time to hit the road. So rather than driving, we have planned an eco friendly option with Pinarello FP2 carbon road bike. Since this will be our first road trip together, we would taste the water with a short, local trip. For this reason, the lightweight yet strong aluminum-frame Pinarello FP2 carbon road bike is our first choice. Riding on road bikes gives us the freedom to pull over and soak in every bit of our scenic surroundings wherever we want as well as a good workout. Undoubtedly, this will be a most rewarding experience for our children as we usually miss such things while driving.

This type of road trip also allows for opportunities to do fun activities. Perhaps we can go for an unscheduled early-morning jog to break the monotony or  decide to walk long distance exploring the beach or the town. Since jogging or walking does not create any pollution, it is eco-friendly. For this type of spur-of-the-moment activities, we are wearing comfortable Adidas climacool running shoes. Adidas climacool running shoes are known for lightweight cushioning, and excellent moisture control which is just what we need.

Other must-have items that we will be carrying are a couple of first-aid boxes for medical emergencies and sufficient reusable water bottles to keep us hydrated and eco friendly camping gear.

Traveling by bike is fun and is easy on our pocket, considering the high gas prices. It is also helps the environment by controlling global warming. Don’t let anything stop you from playing your part when there is so much to be done.

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