Go green this season

Go green and get fresh

Want to buy fresh, organic food, but aren’t sure how to go about it? Make the local farmers market your weekly shopping destination. Of course, you can’t expect to find ladies leather checkbook purse wallets in this type of markets, but what you get is valuable,  nonetheless. You get to interact directly with the grower and know more about the food. You are also supporting local economy, apart from enjoying season’s produce straight from the field.

Tips to shop at your local farmers market
Following are some suggestions to make your weekly shopping successful:

  • Shop early: The early bird theory is very much applicable here. The choice of food you get as an early shopper will fast disappear as the day progresses. So, if you want to bite into the season’s first succulent peaches or organic berries, get there early.
  • Interact with the vendors/producers: The biggest advantage at local farmers market is that you can interact directly with the vendor-cum-producer and know more about the items. You could know what farming technique he adopts and depending on the personal rapport you have with him, may even get to visit his farm. This would help you to make informed choice so far buying food is concerned.
  • Be there late: You can’t expect the local farmers market to bit the price that other markets can give. However, if you are looking for attractive bargain and don’t mind left over, be there just before the market is closing. Who knows, you may still chance upon some yummy food at a great price! I remember someone who frequents local farmers market ten minutes before the closing time.
  • Take your own reusable shopping bags: While some vendors give flimsy plastic bags to carry shopping items, such bags are not eco-friendly and add to the landfill. On the other hand, reusable shopping bags are not just good for the environment, organic cotton or jute shopping bags are sturdy enough to carry food items.
  • Bring enough change: For quick purchase, it always helps to bring enough change (penny, nickel, dime or half dollar) with you.

There is nothing like popping a slice of mouth-watering peach with sun and wind caressing your face. Considering the bombardment of halogen lights in the supermarkets and mega-marts, this brings a much-needed relief and makes a weekend fun trip for the entire family.

Green summer holiday idea’s

Following an eco-friendly lifestyle isn’t always easy, but it certainly has its upsides. The immense satisfaction of being able to do our bit for a cleaner and greener environment is something which is truly rewarding. Opting for carpool instead of driving to work, turning off lights while going out are just few of the daily activities. But now that it is summer time, when most of us are planning our vacations, is it time to break out from the monotony of everyday routine life? Or is there any way we can enjoy a wonderful, guilt-free vacation while staying green? Let’s check out…

Eco summer travel guide

  • Eco friendly travel means being aware of and reducing our impact on the environment. While it is really exciting to fly halfway across the world to reach your travel destination(s), a much better choice could be to travel locally. For example, if you are a Canadian, a more sensible option is to first get a taste of Nova Scotia or Vancouver than visiting a far-flung country you don’t know exists. This not just helps in reducing aviation fuel consumption, but also injects money to the local economy.
  • Are you planning a family vacation to Fiji or Hawaii? A cost effective option could be to invest your money on a quality luggage set rather than buying luggage separately. Heys USA eco luggage set could be a smart choice if you are looking for easy maneuvering and durability . Being made of genuine recycled plastic, Heys USA eco luggage set is geared for eco-savvy travelers.
  • Instead of shuttling by seaplane or helicopter or renting a car or a taxi, consider availing public transport such as buses or trains wherever possible. Besides bringing down the fuel consumption, this could help the environment and your wallet.
  • Also, boarding air-conditioned tour buses or taking speed boats for local sight-seeing is common during summer. But the least expensive way to enjoy nature is to travel on foot or go swimming wearing an eco-friendly mask. However, don’t forget to take natural sunscreen with adequate SPF (ultraviolet) protection and reusable water bottles to stay sufficiently hydrated.
  • To consume less resource, consider having meals in cafes and restaurants frequented by locals. This way, you can support facilities/businesses which are of direct use to local people.
  • A swim dress is a great alternative to a one-piece suit; ideal for spending a lazy summer afternoon in the beach.  Go for a swim dress with plunging neckline, a U or a V-neck, if you want to flaunt a slimmer upper half.  But if you have narrow shoulders, opting for a halter-style swim dress  could make your shoulders look broader. If you are planning to chill out for longer sessions, don’t forget to do it under the protective shade of an umbrella. The last thing you want to worry about is sunburn.

This summer we are going for a week long ‘green’ vacation in Hawaii. Our 8-year-old daughter is so excited with the whole idea that she wants an eco-friendly birthday party next month!

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