Getting my veggies in on my veggie patch

A very important concept called the “food mile” helps us understand the importance of having your own veggie garden. A food mile is a measure of the distance a particular food item has traveled from the place of origin to your table. It is important that this number stays low because of the costs and carbon emissions associated with transporting it is harmful to the environment. When you grow you vegetables in your backyard the food miles is zero. So do your part to save the environment form pollution and make this world a better place to live.

Organic vegetable gardens were around for thousands of years. It wasn’t until recently that people started using advanced pesticides and chemicals on crops. An organic vegetable garden is one in which synthetic, manufactured pesticides and fertilizers are never used. Organic vegetables for the past 20 years have not been in great demand. It is only now that people realize the benefits of organic vegetables. As the benefits became known its demand increased significantly. Grocery stores now days offer at least some organic vegetables but most of us now days prefer to have our own organic vegetable garden in our backyards. Here are a few tips on how to start a vegetable garden.

  • Location: The first thing you would need to do is select a location for growing your vegetables. You must select a sunny location. Most plants require atleast 6 hours of sunlight to stay healthy. You should also make sure that the soil is well drained in that location as well
  • Compost: Before you start planting it is always advisable to mix compost into the planting bed about three weeks prior to planting. Compost can come from animal manures or plant material and may be made at home by getting a composting bin or a composting sack.
  • Choice of plants: You should choose the types of vegetables with a lot of care. Few vegetables like peas, spinach and broccoli thrive in cold climates whereas tomatoes, peppers, corn would grow only during summers and cannot tolerate cold weather. This summer once the soil and weather gets warm enough you could go get tomato seed kits and start your own tomato farm.
  • Maintenance: Water you plants regularly and ensure that weeds are removed on a regular basis to keep your vegetables healthy and strong.
  • Crop Rotation: The rotation of crops is very important as it not only maintains the fertility of the soil but also avoids pest buildup.

Go even greener and get a solar powered light for the garden

Lastly, adopting solar energy in our every day life is necessary to make a significant difference. Not just because it is a cheap and renewable energy source, but because we owe it to our future generation to pass down a cleaner and greener environment.

Traditional energy sources rely on three types of fossil fuels. These are natural gas, oil and coal. As of now, fossil fuels are meeting approximately 95% of our worldwide energy demands. But as they are fast appearing to be near depletion stage, this has left us wondering how this will affect our life once we exhaust the fossil fuels. This has triggered the search for an alternative energy source.

The biggest advantage of using solar energy against any conventional energy is that it is renewable. Solar energy is everywhere; we may practically never run out of it. Apart from this, there are various other uses of solar energy. Let’s check out some of the practical uses of solar energy in our every day life.

Mounting a solar heating panel, more specifically a flat plate collector panel, on your roof space can meet your demand for additional hot water during winter. Solar heating panels are easy to install. Once the installation cost is over, it can drastically reduce your energy bill while cutting down the carbon footprints. Solar heating panels are available in various sizes and price ranges to meet various demands.

Apart from enhancing your landscape, a solar powered flood light could be an effective security device during a sudden power outrage. We have recently installed a motion and heat-sensing solar-powered flood light to keep our entryways well-lit and discourage intruders or thieves from taking advantage.

If you are opting for an above-ground swimming pool, you would be looking for a pool heating system sooner or later. For those who are from Texas or Florida, installing solar pool heaters could ensure best return on your investment. First, by giving you prolonged swimming season and then by reducing your energy bill and maintenance cost.

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