Don’t lose focus, get focussed!

Do you ever lose your focus? Those simple tasks that should only take an hour to complete end up taking all day?
You are not alone, most people who start out in their own business, be it either network marketing/MLM, online affiliate marketing or the online promotion of an offline business, struggle to make it through their first month due to the overwhelming variety of online promotional methods they have to learn and by their very nature, the myriad of distractions each platform thrusts your way. Due to this a simple task can and often does take hours to complete because of your personal demon procrastination commandeering your brain.

What you really need to do first is set your goals. I am sure you have heard this phrase before, especially if you are involved in network marketing but what does it really mean? Basically it is a plan of action written down in achievable steps to get you to where you want to be in a specific time-scale.

Your plan is split into long term goals (where you want to be in one years time), short term goals (where you want to be in one month) and daily tasks. Remember, Goals are Dreams with a Plan, so lets start setting those goals. (In case you need reminding, your Dreams are what made you join your opportunity in the first place because you saw the opportunity as a tool for achieving them. These Dreams are your WHY. They are WHY you signed up and WHY you will take action every day to achieve your Dreams. Remember your WHY).

Take the time to write out the things you need to do to achieve your long term goal, divide it down into monthly portions and prioritize to create your short term goals. Now plan your month into the daily tasks that you need to accomplish to reach your short term goals.

Top Tips for Goal setting

  1. Be realistic and make sure your daily tasks are achievable.
  2. Plan with time to spare. There is no need to put yourself under undue pressure or stress.
  3. Plan to utilize resources that you have, not with resources you plan to have.
  4. Doing a little each day over a long period is much more effective than trying to achieve the impossible in a short period.

Note: It is good practice to always write out the following days agenda (in an ordered list) as your last task before you go to bed. This will keep tasks in your mind while you sleep driving them into your unconscious mind where they will merge with a flow of inspiration. You will often wake up with new fresh ideas and ways of doing things. You will also be able to focus immediately when you wake on what needs to be done because it is written down in front of you, rather than spend half the morning wondering what to do first.

As I start to go through each of the tools at your disposal for marketing your business/opportunity online, you will see they can very quickly mount up and become overwhelming. Good planning and a good work ethic put in place from day one will help to stop you being swallowed up into the world of social media. Every Facebook PostTweetEmailArticle and Video leads you away from your daily productivity and onto other peoples agendas. They are of course designed to do so as this is the purpose of sales copy-writing and a skill you will need to learn.

Dealing with Distraction

Whenever you catch yourself straying from your own tasks, distracted by a cute kitten or compilation of fails, stop yourself, remember your WHY and focus.
However, do not return directly to your daily agenda without first making a written note outlining what it was that distracted you. For this purpose I keep an A5 notepad on my desk at all times. Write down the subject line, body text and a brief description of any photo or video that caused you to become distracted. This may seem counter-productive at first as our goal is not to stray from our own daily tasks but the reasons for doing this are twofold.

  1. The act of noting down the outline of the distracting post is something that you need to do, in other words, you are now making it part of your own agenda. This will focus your mind back onto your own business and reduce the likelihood of further distractions through the day.
  2. In doing so you will soon build up a very good series of copy-writing templates that you can later base your own eye-catching advertisements on. You will, by maintaining this practice, teach yourself great copy-writing skills subliminally.

Focusing the Mind

When you feel your mind wander it can often be due to fatigue. Your head gets hazy, you start to daydream and you lose focus. These are the times when your guard is down and procrastination takes over. There are several things you can do to help prevent fatigue wiping out your daily agenda.

Top Tips for Fighting Fatigue

  1. Sleep well (6 to 8 hours per day) but do not oversleep. Having a lie in only alters your bodys natural clock and rhythm the end result being fatigue throughout the day.
  2. Hydration. Keeping yourself well hydrated (water, not beer or wine) keeps the mind focused.
  3. Regular breaks. Working online at a computer screen will take a toll on your eyes and cause fatigue. A short 10 minute break when required is not procrastination, it is necessary to maintain your focus. If needed set an alarm clock/timer to help you maintain the discipline to return.
  4. Diet. Stay away from too much sugar and caffeine. Never overlook your breakfast.
  5. Exercise. You have heard it many times before because it is true, a healthy body really does lead to a healthy mind. Make the time to go for a walk/run or hit the gym. Think back to your WHY. In your mind, as you picture yourself achieving your dreams, picture a fitter healthier you. Implementing daily exercise into your plan will help to keep your mind focused and give you a schedule that in turn instils discipline to your daily routine.

I hope you find my thoughts useful in creating your plan and they help drive you from distractions whilst maintaining a focused and healthy mind and body. If you think my words will be of use to your friends or family then feel free to share, tweet and re-post. If you have any other good tips to keep distractions at bay then share them in the comments section below. it is always great to read your thoughts on my posts. Until then plan what you need to do and take action as even the best plans in the world will not get you anywhere if you don’t implement them.

Here’s to a productive day, cheers Rick

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