My trip to Blagaj

Blagaj is a historic town located in the south-east of the river basin Mostar, Herzegovina-Neretva Canton in total national of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The area has characteristics Blagaj by the diversity on the ground and groundwater hydrology. Buna River is one of the largest and most beautiful place in the European Tour. Buna River is a clear demonstration of a river most underground limestone flows west about 9 km and the confluence with the river Neretva near the village of Buna.

Bunna River flowing from the cave beneath 200m high vertical cliff and blue creates a mix of sun and leaves skin beautiful. Natural beauty this place has mesmerized ruler of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). He ordered the immediate construction of buildings Tekke, also known as the Islamic Dervish convent located next to the river Buna. Abbey was built for the Dervish sect gatherings and it also acts as a fact.

Architecture Tekke monastery oriental house attraction with striking bright colored, with one room upstairs and one in like a balcony above. All this is reflected on the surface of the deep blue river dreamily Buna. Today, buildings Blagaj Tekke is still one of the most mysterious places in the country Bosnia and Herzegovina, famous Sufi Muslim (Islam tantra, often understood as a mystical sect of Islam, appeared almost simultaneously with Muslims on the basis of neo-asceticism). The town of Blagaj European landscape paintings – 6 buildings Blagaj Tekke open to visitors year-round comfort.

Here there are restaurants serving cold drinks, tea and coffee Turkey in a beautiful garden overlooking the headwaters of the river Buna. Regions Blagaj is also famous for the variety of flora and some endemic species. At much lower under evergreen and deciduous shrubs. While at higher level, on the hill just sparse trees. Fertile arable land suitable for agriculture typical of the Mediterranean climate. Historic town’s remarkable ancient fortress Blagaj is located on the hill of Blagaj, is the home of the nobleman Stjepan Vukcic Herzegovinia region and also the birthplace of Queen Katarina -Kotromanic Kosaca of Bosnia region.

Fort was built on a limestone hill in Blagaj most prominent high and almost inaccessible because of height 310M on ink sea ​​water. Blagaj Old Town is one of the most important towns of the clan lands Kosaca (family clan medieval quarter of rule many lands in Bosnia and Herzegovina between 14 and 15 century) surrounded with fortified walls, with several peaks match and the tower that today the remaining ruins. In historical sources Blagaj old city first mentioned in 1423. In the time of Emperor Ottoman, Blagaj is an administrative area, and is divided into several adjacent areas, including the mosque 7, 7 factories, 4 guest houses, inns and 4 2 stone bridge on the river Buna. By the time Austria – Hungary, organic introduced Christianity to the region have a formal church building was built in 1893 and a Roman Catholic church was built in 1908.

This first settlement is located feet Blagaj fortress, where the road runs down from the fort and intersects with Nevesinje. There are too few trades in Blagaj area and this is just a typical agricultural environment, so in this early stage does not arise in an urban area. It was not until the late 15th century early 16th century, the new urban structure is shaped. Blagaj became a town of urban structure rural cum most valuable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The town of Blagaj history is distinguished from other similar structures in the urban layout in Bosnia and Herzegovina today . Blagaj reached the pinnacle of evolution in the 15th and 16th century, the building was built of stone and reached the highest level.

Why I need to stop stopping and start blogging!

Over the last week, I have quietly and contentedly been extremely chuffed with myself for working up the nerve to get blogging. Publishing the first post was a rush of excitement and achievement, and I instantly started planning my next blog post.

This is not that post.

Neither were any of the other twenty six I have since started and then scrapped.
I’ve always talked to myself a lot and am the worlds worst over-thinker, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to blog in the first place (to hopefully quieten the ceaseless chatter of my busy little brain).  However, my inner voice has become the biggest, most foul mouthed critic of everything I type. I’ve found myself deleting a plethora of potential posts, primarily because they were just self indulgent drivel (or so the wee inside voice said).
I’ve worried that my only knowledge of the blogging world and how it works, amounts to – there is one, it’s bigger than I knew, and that I really don’t know how it works at all.  I’ve worried that simply reading a billion other blogs is not sufficient to be able to write my own.  I’ve worried that I don’t have the required netiquette,  that I am completely unqualified to just join in, and that I have nothing original to say (back to the potential for self indulgent drivel again), and, that ultimately, nobody would want to read it. (Neither a new or original notion that one, is it?)
After receiving a little feedback, it is an understatement to say I was ecstatic.  I was floored to have had any interaction at all, and it felt great. Other bloggers like 3d pens piped up to offer some support and encouragement, and I can’t thank them enough. What a lovely bunch, to just reach out and generate some cheer and good feeling, and it made such a positive difference to me.  I’ve obsessed thought it over a lot, and all of those concerns from the wee voice may be well founded, but, so what?
I got to thinking that, no, I don’t know what I’m doing particularly, but I can learn it as I go. I didn’t know what to do as a mum when I became one, but I learned, just like everybody else, and that’s a slightly bigger deal really.  I am working on taming the wee inner voice, or more accurately, training a louder inner voice to yell and sing over the top of the doubting whisper- to just do it anyway. When all is said and done, this is a blog and in the grand scale of things it’s really so incredibly small it’s hardly there at all, and on the little scale of things, it is just as it should be; my very own space to say what I want or feel or think, a place to share, to laugh, and to record memories and adventures, ups and downs, and I should stop overthinking it, right?  It’s all about perspective really.  Life is too short to be scared to do what you want, (especially if that is blogging, maybe not so much if what you want to do is perform Houdini style escapes from a straight-jacket, blindfolded, suspended by your feet, whilst popping your parachuting cherry, or anything crazy like that!).

And so after an emotional roller-coaster of a week, I am decidedly more committed to giving it as go. I will not promise that there won’t be any self indulgent drivel, because if you have read this far, you will note, that this is exactly that.  Last week, I jumped got in the blogging ‘pool’, and despite the fact I feel like I’m flailing around in a puddle, I’ve gotten my feet wet now, and I think I like it.

Summer is here!

Don’t you just love this time of year? The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and singing away, the washing is out on the line swaying in the warm, gentle breeze, and in the distance neighbours can be heard tending to and enjoying their gardens.

You may even have the opportunity to sit out and feel the sun on your face whilst sipping a delicious cold drink, and daydream about the upcoming school holidays. You, like me, will probably envisage all kinds of outings and adventures, picnics and hikes, play parks and ice creams, holidays and day trips, beaches and sunshine, smiling faces and long, laughter filled days. . .aaah, bliss.

As the school term draws to a close, I am filled with optimism for our summer holidays, excited by the endless possibilities, and think that the bare seven weeks just won’t be long enough to jam-pack full of ‘quality time’ family memories to treasure for ever.  Isn’t that what we are meant to do?

You see, the thing is, this few weeks when you can finally see the light at the end of the school term tunnel, you will invariably have to juggle even more crap than normal on your way towards it. The end of the school year, when you, like the jotters, are a tad frayed round the edges, will have a whole circus of year-end specific hoops to jump through; parties, disco’s, assemblies, sports days, presentations, graduations yadda yadda yadda.

You can see the light though, and you know that by the time your get the last day of term, its not just the kids, but every parent, that is READY for the holidays. So, ready.

The long stretch home

What sustains you through the dark school term tunnel on that last, most demanding stretch, is the much anticipated summer break; the glimmering prize of a glorious sunshiny summer. Sometimes, that’s even how it works out, Sometimes folks can get through the most part of the summer and do nothing but have idyllic days, make memories, and generally enjoy each others company. However, I think its more common that everybody goes at the summer holidays hoping to have Instagram worthy moments from sun up to sun down, when in reality, even with all the best of intentions, a million list of fun things to do, and near endless patience – nobody can get through seven weeks without a cross word, sulk, huff, stomp, tantrum, meltdown, eye roll, or hissy fit or grump. Nobody.

Kids and adults alike will all have their own moments of aargh from time to time, no matter what is going on. But then over the course of the summer you add in the heat (which we are not used to), the ever-present need for sun screen (which my monkeys hate), and as a result often get a grumpy child and a grumpy adult before you’ve set foot out of the door. Which is another thing, getting out the door; arranging for where to be going and when, then packing for everybody for every eventuality. Not the mention those oh so lovely picnics and packed lunches – if only they made themselves eh.

All I’m saying is, for us, despite the fact I love having the kids home and getting to hang out with them, long before the holidays are over The shine has kinda come off it a bit. There will have been those adorable loving moments like you see on social media, but there will also have been fighting, rowing, tantrums and whining. This is a certainty. It happens.

Not many have the picture perfect summer they dream of, but that’s OK too; real life is well, real, and life happens, but there is a lot of pressure on summer to perform as a season round here.  Its not ALL swings and roundabouts though.

Which is one of the reasons I’m quite happy in the tunnel for now, with a good view of the beautiful light at the end. Yes, I love this time of year, there’s so much to look forward to and be excited about, and I can enjoy the luxury of daydreaming about the promises of summer, in my peaceful garden,(soon to be infested with small people), in the quiet, (soon to be replaced by screaming, shouting, singing, laughing, crying etc), next to the clean, tidy house, (soon to become unrecognizable due to increased presence of small, noisy people who don’t like for anything to be inside of anything else, ever), while the kids are in school (set to be freed at the end of the tunnel).

Ah yes, the mixed bag that is summertime is out there. i can see it in the distance, and it is full of promise, but I like it here even better, in the joys of pre- summer!

Just jump in

So here I am then, in the blogging ‘pool’, so to speak. After much swithering, swinging wildly from ferocious determination to overwhelming nervousness, after a long drawn out time on this pendulum of uncertainty – I’ve gone and done it. I’ve created my blog.

I’m not really one for jumping in headfirst, (being as I’m actually a closet control freak), so I have thought long and hard about doing this for a long time. So long in fact, that instead of jumping in headfirst, I have lingered around and cautiously poked the water with a stick, then nervously swirled my pinky finger, eventually sticking a toe in, and finally, lowering myself in at glacier pace! Even after deciding to stop being so afraid and just do it, I have taken weeks to build up the nerve to actually post anything.

I’m a bit of an over-thinker, and although I’ve written and planned out countless blog posts in my mind, and decided that this is the tool I need in order to let those ideas / musings / observations out into the universe, it’s actually a bit daunting to do.

Nevertheless, having already committed months and months of my life to consideration of whether to blog or not, it’s done, decision made, action taken, words typed. I may have only slinked into the ‘pool’ rather than jumping headfirst, but, I’m in now. It has begun.